Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Ezine Is Coming Soon

Soon is such a subjective word. ;)

This is not an ezine about me, though I will include a spotlight on a new title I have published which fits with the issue theme, but it is more of a general interest ezine covering sleazy movies and fiction, and it will be free.

Each thematic issue will include:
  •  An article on the theme of the issue.
  •  A short story related to the theme.
  •  An author spotlight and/or interview.
  •  A variety of capsule movie reviews.
  •  An editorial, video spotlight and more.

Though I have a strong contender for the title of the ezine it is not for certain yet. I will also be publishing it as I can and not on a set schedule. I am already working on articles for issue themes including Bad Girls, Nunsploitation, Exorcism and more.

Each article will look at movies and fiction related to the issue theme, and sometimes include historical tidbits and events which inspired a movie or book.

The ezine is essentially combining two interests of mine; exploitation movies and erotica.

Though I am the only one writing for the ezine, save for some potential movie reviews, I am open to submissions. My experience in writing newsletters before has taught me not to expect submissions to be forthcoming, but I will always be open to accepting them.

Each issue will be announced on this blog, on my domain, on my Twitter account, and I may set up a website specifically for the ezine as well. It will be published in PDF format and be downloadable from this blog and other websites.

I will format it in a trade paperback size (roughly 5.5in x 8.5in) rather than the larger magazine format. Even though I originally considered the larger format I think the smaller format will be more e-reader and tablet friendly.

If you are interested in submitting your movie reviews or any articles, or you are an erotica author and wish to be interviewed, please message me on my Twitter page as it is the best way to get my attention.


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