Monday, October 27, 2014

Now Available: Celia Unbound - An Erotic Contemporary Romantic Comedy

My new nun erotica story is out.

Celia Unbound is a contemporary romantic comedy filled with the erotic. Celia is a young and beautiful woman, and a sister of the order. She has kept her growing desires for companionship at bay even though the urges have been strong, but with the recent death of a friend of her same age she has begun to question her chosen life. A chance meeting with a stranger in a graveyard unleashes her bound up desires in a sexual encounter unlike anything she could have ever imagined. Celia Unbound contains graphic depictions of sex between a man and a woman including oral sex and sex with a nun. It is an erotic romance brimming with humor.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wholesome Addiction Podcast with a segment about yours!

I don't know if you have listened to the Wholesome Addiction podcast before (I had not), but I found it to be both entertaining and professionally done. Wholesome Addiction is an erotica podcast in which a panel of (podcasters?) discuss sexy and erotic movies, news and writing.

Their show for July 10, 2014 features a discussion about me, or more specifically my story Morning Grade from this very blog. It is an entertaining show, and they are flattering to me, so if you want to listen to the show (and don't forget to check out other episodes) click on the link below.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Ezine Is Coming Soon

Soon is such a subjective word. ;)

This is not an ezine about me, though I will include a spotlight on a new title I have published which fits with the issue theme, but it is more of a general interest ezine covering sleazy movies and fiction, and it will be free.

Each thematic issue will include:
  •  An article on the theme of the issue.
  •  A short story related to the theme.
  •  An author spotlight and/or interview.
  •  A variety of capsule movie reviews.
  •  An editorial, video spotlight and more.

Though I have a strong contender for the title of the ezine it is not for certain yet. I will also be publishing it as I can and not on a set schedule. I am already working on articles for issue themes including Bad Girls, Nunsploitation, Exorcism and more.

Each article will look at movies and fiction related to the issue theme, and sometimes include historical tidbits and events which inspired a movie or book.

The ezine is essentially combining two interests of mine; exploitation movies and erotica.

Though I am the only one writing for the ezine, save for some potential movie reviews, I am open to submissions. My experience in writing newsletters before has taught me not to expect submissions to be forthcoming, but I will always be open to accepting them.

Each issue will be announced on this blog, on my domain, on my Twitter account, and I may set up a website specifically for the ezine as well. It will be published in PDF format and be downloadable from this blog and other websites.

I will format it in a trade paperback size (roughly 5.5in x 8.5in) rather than the larger magazine format. Even though I originally considered the larger format I think the smaller format will be more e-reader and tablet friendly.

If you are interested in submitting your movie reviews or any articles, or you are an erotica author and wish to be interviewed, please message me on my Twitter page as it is the best way to get my attention.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Working...At Being Naughty!

Well what else would you expect of an erotica writer? I don't see clean-cut or puritan in my future, and I don't need a crystal ball for that. ;)

Writing is a particular enjoyment in telling a story, and erotica is a pleasurable enjoyment, and let's just say I've really been enjoying myself. This is to let you know some of what to expect from me in the next few weeks from my erotica/sex stories.

Teachers and mommies and nuns, oh my!

Now what would erotica be without that all important teacher fantasy? I certainly had them when I was in school, and I so deserved to have my face slapped many times. Well I'm working on a series of stories involving a female teacher and her sexual trysts with a high school senior. Of course to keep things on the up and up the student is 18. 
Personally I would consider an adult in a sexual relationship with a minor to be wrong. I remember watching some discussion on TV with a celebrity panel, and one topic which came up was a news story about a teacher having sexual relations with a 13 year old student, and I believe it was an update about after the teacher got out of prison she reconnected with the student, who was over 18 by then, and they were engaged to be married. Now one jackass celebrity had the audacity to suggest that love is a beautiful thing regardless of the ages or the circumstances of how they got together. It's just my opinion, but I don't see anything beautiful about an adult taking advantage of a 13 year old's newly raging hormones for their own sexual gratification. Of course that's just me and maybe I'm a hypocrite for writing on the subject, but even though I write on taboo subjects I do feel there are limits which should not be breached, at least that I have self-imposed on myself. In none of my writings will you find any sexual interactions of any kind with an underage character.

Nuns, nuns, nuns! Naughty nuns are a particular favorite of mine. There is a certain appeal to a constrained libido erupting and the potential aftermath of a starved sexual hunger being fulfilled. One such story I'm working on involves an innocent young nun experiencing an orgasm for the first time, and desiring to experience it again. There's nothing new here as nunsploitation movies have been around for years, this is just my take on the subject.

I have completed a stepmother sex story. I'm not sure what venue I'm going to take to publish it. It will either be with a collection or I may publish it on a website, and possibly this blog. I'll keep you updated.

That's it for the updates and rants for now.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Short Teaser: Morning Grade

I have a few areas of interest in erotica and one such area which has been fun is College Sex. It opens itself up (seriously, pun not intended) to all kinds of sexual possibilities and hijinks. This is a very short story, under 1000 words, which is a prelude to the other stories I have planned in the series.

Morning Grade

They throw some wild parties in college, they sure do, and last night's party was no exception; well, with the one exception that the lit professor, Susan, and one of the male students in her class, Jared, find themselves waking up in the same bed, naked.

In their grogginess, both still trying to rub the morning blur out of their eyes, neither can recall how they ended up in bed with the other, or how they ended up naked, or even where their clothes are. Jared is more embarrassed than Susan, trying to cover his morning hard-on with his hand; and not just a morning hard-on but hard as a steel pipe, probably due to the after effects of the alcohol he drank the night before and having a naked and much desired woman lying beside him through the night whether he was aware of it or not.

Professor Susan Drake does not fit the profile one would expect of a professor. She is a statuesque blond who worked her way through college by modeling. At 35 she is a very attractive woman, and being a college professor she is desired by much of the male student body dreaming of living out a teacher fantasy. She gets invited to lots of parties on campus, and being there are no regulations against attending parties for the faculty of this college, and that she is single and likes to have fun, she often attends.

This party was different than any party she has attended as she has never found herself lying naked beside a student exhilarated by the hard-on he is trying to hide. She reaches her hand and places it upon his wrist, slowly pulling one hand away.

"You don't have to hide it" she says to Jared, "I would like to see it."

Jared takes a deep breath in response to her words. His dick is harder than he has ever recalled, and her teasing words has brought about a throb in his dick just begging to be released. Susan reaches with her hand again taking hold of his remaining hand and moving it to his far side, her arm brushing against his dick as he groans in an approving response.

This woman he has fantasized about lies naked beside him asking "You don't mind if I look at it, do you?"

Jared gulps as he replies "I don't mind...please do."

"You should not be embarrassed, Jared, you have some fine meat there."

" know my name?"

"You're in my class, and it's not as though I haven't noticed you in class."

Jared's head rolls back on his pillow as he lets out a slow groan in response to Susan's words. He feels an ever so slight touch upon his dick. He turns his head slightly to see Susan slowly and gently stroking her finger along the length of it.

"You don't mind if feel it, do you, Jared? It's so hard and feels so good."

"I...I don't mind...please do."

Susan lightly places her fingers on his dick, gently stroking up and down the full length of the hard throbbing flesh in her hand. Jared rolls his head back again as a low approving growl comes out. She takes her hand from his dick and pushes herself down the bed until his dick is almost in her face as Jared breathes in deeply in anticipation. Turning her head from side to side looking at it, she parts her lips, pressing them down onto the swollen head of his dick, then lets it slide deep into her mouth.

Jared groans, his hands curl into fists as his stomach tightens. Susan moves her mouth up and down on his dick as his breathing increases. The hard rod in her mouth begins to thicken as she pulls her mouth from it saying "Hold it, hold it in, I don't want to spoil this moment" as Jared groans and tightens his muscles, his face grimacing to keep that build-up trying to drive its way out of his dick from succeeding.

Susan crawls up onto his body as she spreads her legs one to each side of his hips. Then places her hand on that rod pressing into her pubic hair, having to push down on it and raise herself to get it between her legs. She guides the tip with her hand until she feels it just begin to sink into the lips of her vagina, then slides down on it, his thick meaty dick going into her hard, spreading her wide and deep.

She moves her body up and down on his dick, increasing her movements, then putting some forward thrust into her hips as she rides him hard. Her movements become furious as she increases her hip thrusting, her body bouncing up and down on him so hard the bed thumps and moves with each bounce and thrust. His dick thickens within her, it gets tighter and even a little deeper, his dick swollen so hard within her.

Jared grabs fistfuls of bedsheet, straining his body as a build-up surges through his dick, the tip of it tingling and feeling like it's going to explode as her body moves violently up and down on him, her tits bouncing wildly as she throws her head back and forth with her long hair strewn about her face. They both scream and strain as she feels one immediate swell running up the length of his dick within her just before a stream sprays deep into her.

They are motionless as ragdolls. Their bodies exhausted as Susan, still seated on top of Jared, looks down and says "Now that was a passing grade, but I have one question."

"What's that?" Jared replies.

"Where are we?"

The End

Copyright 2014 by Dan Jarron

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Let Me Introduce Myself...

My name is Dan Jarron and I have decided to take a hobby of mine and start sharing it with others online. That hobby would be writing erotica. or just downright dirty tales of sex and perversity.

But who am I?

Well, you might find this to be interesting. I, many years ago, was a christian minister.

Being a minister is not the difficult choice a lot of people would imagine it to be. There really is not a choice to be a christian when you are brought up as a christian in a christian family. It's equivalent to being raised as an English speaker and then deciding to speak English, there is no choice made, you're just doing as you're told.

There are times in our lives when we question the things we're told. Most of us understand and adhere to the concepts of what is right and wrong. But when you are told how to behave, what to believe, and what you can and can't do or what you can and can't be, the standard answer of "because the bible says so" begins to hold little value and simply cannot answer the simple question of "why".

Of course many people are perfectly complacent to live a life as they are told, and if they are happy with that, good for them. But telling somebody else that they must live a life as they are told when they don't care for it, well that is hypocritical, and that is where I had a growing conflict as a minister.

Life, in my opinion, is about being happy and finding pleasure. I delved into what in my previous life as a minister would be considered Taboo. Of course recreational sex simply for the pleasure of it is enough to be taboo for some of the prudes with whom I had previously associated. Even more taboo subjects I read on included same-sex relations, bondage, orgies, multiple partners, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

This does not mean I have participated in many of these lifestyles, and I have not, but I have had sexual relations which would have previously been frowned upon by myself before I opened up my mind and found that allowing oneself the pleasure of our natural desires is freeing compared to an artificial lifestyle of following archaic rules passed on orally and eventually written down by bigots, misogynists and murderers, (and those are the good guys?) and praying to a fictitious god for strength in denying nature itself.

I write erotica both of a taboo nature and on the dark side. Perhaps the darkness and violence in some of my erotica is a throwback to my days as a christian. If you have read some of the bible, and frankly over 90% of those who quote the bible have never read it, it is filled with stories of sex, lust, murder, greed, rape, and about everything else perverse you can think of; the bible is the dirtiest book I have read, and the inspiration for some of my dirtiest erotica.

Some may disagree with me, and many even offended by what I've just said, but that's what life is about: freedom of choice and the freedom to be who we are, not who we're told to be.

- Dan