Thursday, April 10, 2014

Working...At Being Naughty!

Well what else would you expect of an erotica writer? I don't see clean-cut or puritan in my future, and I don't need a crystal ball for that. ;)

Writing is a particular enjoyment in telling a story, and erotica is a pleasurable enjoyment, and let's just say I've really been enjoying myself. This is to let you know some of what to expect from me in the next few weeks from my erotica/sex stories.

Teachers and mommies and nuns, oh my!

Now what would erotica be without that all important teacher fantasy? I certainly had them when I was in school, and I so deserved to have my face slapped many times. Well I'm working on a series of stories involving a female teacher and her sexual trysts with a high school senior. Of course to keep things on the up and up the student is 18. 
Personally I would consider an adult in a sexual relationship with a minor to be wrong. I remember watching some discussion on TV with a celebrity panel, and one topic which came up was a news story about a teacher having sexual relations with a 13 year old student, and I believe it was an update about after the teacher got out of prison she reconnected with the student, who was over 18 by then, and they were engaged to be married. Now one jackass celebrity had the audacity to suggest that love is a beautiful thing regardless of the ages or the circumstances of how they got together. It's just my opinion, but I don't see anything beautiful about an adult taking advantage of a 13 year old's newly raging hormones for their own sexual gratification. Of course that's just me and maybe I'm a hypocrite for writing on the subject, but even though I write on taboo subjects I do feel there are limits which should not be breached, at least that I have self-imposed on myself. In none of my writings will you find any sexual interactions of any kind with an underage character.

Nuns, nuns, nuns! Naughty nuns are a particular favorite of mine. There is a certain appeal to a constrained libido erupting and the potential aftermath of a starved sexual hunger being fulfilled. One such story I'm working on involves an innocent young nun experiencing an orgasm for the first time, and desiring to experience it again. There's nothing new here as nunsploitation movies have been around for years, this is just my take on the subject.

I have completed a stepmother sex story. I'm not sure what venue I'm going to take to publish it. It will either be with a collection or I may publish it on a website, and possibly this blog. I'll keep you updated.

That's it for the updates and rants for now.


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